About The Sixth Kingdom

Welcome to Sins of a Nation: The Sixth Kingdom!

We are a Full Metal Fantasy Live-Action Roleplaying game set across a series of expeditions into the ruins of a once-great kingdom known as Galdria, which was consumed by blight over 600 years ago. Now, with the rest of the world rapidly advancing in technology, the Commonwealth of Althaenia (comprised of five modern provinces) must secure this legendary and strategically-imperative territory in order to reclaim their place among the major powers of the world. But with that world suddenly at the brink of a war to end all wars, how will the multi-national Expedition navigate this tumultuous new era?

The Sixth Kingdom is a limited run game, currently expected to wrap in 2021 depending on the state of the plot and player choices.


Our 2019 event schedule is as follows. Click the dates to register:

Winter Feast: February 23 at Burnam's Pub House

Event 1: May 24-26 at Camp Howe
Event 2: June 21-23 at Chesterfield Scout Reservation

Event 3: August 16-18 at Chesterfield Scout Reservation
Event 4: September 20-22 at Camp Howe

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About Sins of a Nation

We are an organization committed to the idea that LARPing is about being what you are not, and cannot be. We want our players to feel equipped to venture outside of their comfort zones, and try roles that do not need to draw from real-world skills that they possess.

To that end, we have constructed a system in which in-game abilities trump out-of-game skills; the strength of your boffer-sword arm alone will not carry you against someone who has committed to playing a warrior, and social anxiety will not disqualify your words from carrying weight. We refuse to foster an environment where players feel unqualified to play a desired role, simply because they might be outshined by others.

We are also committed to ensuring that all plots and encounters, regardless of their intended outcomes, are first and foremost subject to player agency. No encounter will be unwinnable, and proactivity will provide you with the tools necessary to alter fate.

Fortune favor the bold.